Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Are in Hong Kong!!!

Well, Praise the Lord, we had a wonderful flight!!! And we got to sit in Bulk-head!! What a blessing. I got to keep my foot elevated on my luggage and we had tons of room. The attendants were wonderful and almost no turbulence!! We only slept about 2.5 hours out of 15, but we are energized because we are excited. We have one more flight until we get to Beijing. Our flight attendants couldn't believe that was the route we were taking! They told us when we were flying over Beijing and said we should just parachute out!
Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming as we are so concerned for Levi and what is about to happen to him!
United really was great and I still cannot believe how smooth it was. Also, the Hong Kong airport is so nice. Smooth as silk here too.
Answered prayers!!! UH OH, starting to feel a little sleepy now that we are resting, but our flight doesn't leave for another hour. Hopefully we can sleep on the next flight a little. 3 hours I think. We will get to our hotel in Beijing at around 11:30 or midnight.
I am thinking I will not have the energy to check in again, but I will try. If not, check back after we can sleep about 8 hours we hope!
Have a blessed weekend everyone!!
Dawn and Pete

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time To GO!!!

Well, as I sit here with some more packing to do and cleaning, I cannot believe we head to Chicago today..... my heart is very heavy for the girls. I weep off and on about how much I will miss them! God will take care of everything. This is HIS plan, not mine. We are just trying to obey!
Every time I look at Levi's photo I cannot believe he is really going to be ours in 4 short days. ;-)
We have prayer requests of course, that our travel is safe and uneventful, but more importantly, that Levi's heart is ready for us as his forever family and that Bekah and Leah can handle us being gone for 2 weeks. I am certain they will struggle, but loads of toys and games are packed of their favorites and they are in great hands!!! (THANK YOU MOM'S!!!)
We will also miss our church family! All prayers are welcomed! ;-)
Much to do!!!! We will check in from the other side of the globe!!!
We love you Levi and can't wait to meet you!!! 4 more sleeps buddy!

Itinerary while in China:

Jun.28: Family arrive in Beijing

Jun.29: Beijing to Jinan by train,

Jun.30: In the afternoon, go to the Civil Affairs to meet your child and sign the agreement. (WHOOOO HOOOOOO! Praise the LORD)

Jun.31: Go to the Civil Affairs again for the adoption registration and notarization and the passport.

Jun.01: Take train from Jinan to Qingdao, visit Qingdao Orphanage.

Jun.02: free day.

Jun.03: Pick up passport, Jinan to Guangzhou

Jun.04: Take visa photo for the child first, then do medical and TB test for the child.

Jun.05: Visit the Safari Park

Jun.06: Pick up TB test result.

Jun.07: 10:00am visa appointment and the oath-taking ceremony at the Consulate.

Jun.08: Pick up the visa in the afternoon.

Jun.09: Leave Guangzhou for home

Many blessings to you all and thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment if you would since we will be printing this out for Levi and all the comments print out with it! (if you don't have a google account, just sign it as anonymous.)

with Love,


Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Ready!

Well, as it is ONE WEEK from today that we leave, the preparations for this trip are exhausting. Not only are we getting ready for Levi and for China, but we have two princess' we are leaving behind with our family!!! :-( SO, we have lots to do to get them packed and ready as well.....
Tickets are booked, itineraries for in-country plans are ALL SET! WHEW.... now I can move on peaceably.
If you would pray with us until we get LEVI on MAY 30, that his heart is prepared to leave his foster family and accept us as his forever family!!! We ask that you pray for our girls, Bekah and Leah, that they handle us being gone for 2 weeks!!! Also that our travel is uneventful and safe! I am not looking forward to that part. 20 hours of travel until we finally get to Beijing. Then we leave the next day via train to get to his province of Jinan. Hopefully the train ride will be relaxing. I am looking forward to it!

Today I am taking time to spend with the girls doing all fun things! We have not slowed down much in the past month, so I am looking forward to the beautiful weather, FINALLY, and spending quality time with my babies!!! It is going to be sooooooo hard not having them with us emotionally, but it will be a great opportunity for us to bond with Levi!!

Levi, our hearts grow more excited with each day and we CANNOT WAIT to have you join our family! God has made a perfect plan for us and you are part of that plan. What a blessing! Hang on buddy, we will be there before you know it! ONLY 10 SLEEPS before we meet you!!! Can't believe it is finally this close!!!!
We LOVE YOU ALREADY..... the Lord placed that love in our hearts LONG ago!!!!
Faithfully IN HIM!!!!!
China, here we come!

Friday, May 13, 2011


WHOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD, we have TA FINALLY.... apparently it sat on someone's desk for an extra 5 days. We should have/could have gotten it this past monday, but they were just sitting there for some reason, but I had already had it in my head to leave on May 27th and I guess the Lord agreed!!! Or should I say, the Lord planned it that way!! ;-)
We are OVER THE MOON right now and I don't think it has really hit me yet!!! I am soooo excited to have this precious one in my arms. Please pray for his heart to be prepared to have us as his forever family!!! Since he is a little older, I just want him to feel safe and secure with us! Thank you!!!
NOW, we wait again to get final confirmation of our Consulate Appointment approval on Monday. But, God is so good again.... we had to drop the tickets we had on hold and re-issue new ones.... was afraid three days later and closer to the travel date that they would be more expensive.... NOPE.... the Lord was good again! The prices were a little lower!! ;-)

LEVI, we are coming baby!!!! Hang on!!! I will be sending him one last package and letting him know when we will be there! REJOICING right now!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, I am trying not to have a pity party, but it is very difficult! I am only human. This is week 4 of waiting for our TA. It will be 4 weeks officially this Thurs.
I am truly trying to rest in the Lord's timing, but it is just hard!! Our precious boy waits for us just because our paperwork isn't here. That is a hard pill to swallow sometimes!
BUT, "be still and know that I am God" is what I am trying to focus on! HE knows what is best for us and I need to get some more things done and enjoy my family here and now until our official approval is given. OK.... that feels a little better! ;-) Hoping and praying that His timing is THIS week!! hee hee

Hang in there sweet boy.... your mama's heart is soooooo very heavy today, but our wonderful God has a plan and we are just going with it!! We will be there as soon as we can!!! We love you so much already and your sisters CANNOT wait to have you home too!
With Loads of Love, Mama

Monday, April 18, 2011

Article 5 Pick up!!

Well, lets see, I am assuming our Article 5 was picked up as scheduled.... I haven't heard otherwise!! If so, that means we simply wait for TA!!!!!!! AHHHHH..... soooooo excited. We have been sooo busy with getting the house ready and Levi's room, along with school and Leah's birthday party which will be the weekend in between Easter and Mother's Day and then hopefully we leave. SO, needless to say, not a dull moment before we go! Praise the Lord for that.... I don't know if I could take not having much to do before we leave! My heart aches to have you home with us Levi!!! We can't wait to hold you and hug you and love on you and care for you! We pray for you each day and my prayer is that your heart is ready to accept us as your forever family! I pray that this transition is as smooth as possible. God knew you were our son even before we were born, so His plan is perfect and I know our family will not be complete without you in it! Ok little one, hopefully one more month and we will be with you!!!! That would be wonderful.... one more month from today exactly if all goes perfect! But, the Lords timing may not always be ours, so we will patiently wait until He says, "It's time to go!" WE love YOU!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


YAY!!! Another wonderful gift in the mail today!! ;-) We got Levi's Visa Approval!! Now we wait for "Article 5" and then we wait for TRAVEL APPROVAL!!!! I can hardly stand it!! ;-) Praise the Lord for HIS faithfulness!
Levi, as we get closer to this time of bringing you home, my heart grows heavy from waiting and waiting for your arrival into our forever family, yet it flutters with excitement to know we should have you in our arms in about 2 months!! Almost hard to believe, but I know that Lord has had this journey designed since before we were even born, so ALL the details are worked out and in place. I must remember to be still and wait for Him!!! We are soooo excited to have you home with us! We are praying for your happiness and your health every day and that God makes the last part of the paperwork go as smooth as possible!
We are going to start getting your room ready this week. I am very excited about that. But, we are told you sleep with your foster mother, so I am not so sure you will even want your new room yet, but this mama hopes so! But, I will do whatever makes you most comfortable my sweet boy! I love you and can't wait to give you big hugs and kisses when we meet you!!
All our love to you Levi!!!!