Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Are in Hong Kong!!!

Well, Praise the Lord, we had a wonderful flight!!! And we got to sit in Bulk-head!! What a blessing. I got to keep my foot elevated on my luggage and we had tons of room. The attendants were wonderful and almost no turbulence!! We only slept about 2.5 hours out of 15, but we are energized because we are excited. We have one more flight until we get to Beijing. Our flight attendants couldn't believe that was the route we were taking! They told us when we were flying over Beijing and said we should just parachute out!
Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming as we are so concerned for Levi and what is about to happen to him!
United really was great and I still cannot believe how smooth it was. Also, the Hong Kong airport is so nice. Smooth as silk here too.
Answered prayers!!! UH OH, starting to feel a little sleepy now that we are resting, but our flight doesn't leave for another hour. Hopefully we can sleep on the next flight a little. 3 hours I think. We will get to our hotel in Beijing at around 11:30 or midnight.
I am thinking I will not have the energy to check in again, but I will try. If not, check back after we can sleep about 8 hours we hope!
Have a blessed weekend everyone!!
Dawn and Pete


  1. I hope you're all settled in now and getting some sleep as I type this. Glad your flight was smooth and all went well. Will continue to pray for Levi as he comes to this big scary change in his life.

  2. I started following your blog when you were in China. How is Levi doing? Got any updates?